Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Sleep Talker

 I talk in my sleep. Yep, I'm one of those annoying people you'd hate to get as a roomie because I sometimes yell out random stuff while I'm fast asleep. There was a night where Bubs kept waking up nearly every single hour and Hubs had to keep getting up to rock him back to sleep. After Bubs fretfully went back to sleep and Hubs was dozing off himself while I was fast asleep, I sleep talked, or rather, sleep shouted *blushes* Bubs woke up crying again and the glare Hubs gave me was well ... less than pleasant.

This is the hilarious bit. Bubs started sleep talking a bit lately, just random words. A couple of weeks ago, he was fast asleep and he just shouted "Ehmoo" (Elmo). Hubs and I looked at each other. Last night, he laughed in his sleep, I kid you not, and went "Mama!"

Looks like Hubs now has to deal with 2 sleep talkers :) 


  1. Hahaha tooo cute! Like mom and son. He loves his elmo and mommie since he calls them out even during his sleep.

  2. After hearing him sleep talk, then only I realised how freaky sleep talking is, lol! Can't wait till he speaks in sentences, wonder how he'll sleep talk then


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