Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stormy Rainy Nights call for

Lots of food, food and more food!

The weather has been erratic for the past few days: scorching sunny days and thunderstorms filled nights. Whenever the temperatures drop (albeit just a few measly degrees), my favourite thing to do is eat lots of hot, hot food. Think fiery tom yum, boiling hot steamboat and charcoal grilled BBQs.

We love going to Daorae for Korean BBQ, slightly on the pricey side (RM5 for a bowl of plain white rice!) but the choices and endless refills of side dishes make up for it. Sometimes they give out complimentary bowls of steamed eggs or mini pancakes for selected tables. If you're going there during dinners, keep an eye out for the Korean manager on duty ;) He's super friendly and so many girls think that he's cute beyond words.

When it's raining cats and dogs, I like making hot desserts. I'd a lot of paradise mini pears on hand and decided to bake them with a dab of honey and chopped rosemary. You usually think of savoury and not sweets with rosemary but these are fabulous with honey and pears, it takes the sweetness down a notch and adds a herb-y scent. Eat as is or serve with vanilla ice cream/plain yogurt.

And when it's nice and sunny out there, it's the best time for an ice cream waffles and a rootbeer float at A&W. Before Bubs came along, we used to go to A&W religiously every weekend for these.

I got that Holden tee from Sydney for my nephew 8 years ago when I heard my sister was expecting. After that I forgot all about it until Aunt D gave me a whole box full of old clothes that T has outgrown. I was so excited to see that old Holden tee again!

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