Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rice Dumpling Festival

Did everyone pigged out on rice dumplings or watched any dragon boat races? I'm not the biggest fan fan of sticky rice dumplings mainly because I find them too rich and heavy to digest but I don't mind the occasional one. I always get raised eyebrows from people when I tell them that I like to eat bak zhang (meat dumplings) with a sprinkling of white sugar like how Dad taught me. There's the satisfying crunch of the sugar followed by the sweetness balancing out the saltiness of the meat and glutinous rice.

Mum-In-Law makes rice dumplings specially for Hubs because he's really picky about the stuff inside rice dumplings, he doesn't like chestnuts or tiny dried prawns and a gazillion other stuff. Fingers crossed that Bubs doesn't end up being such a fusspot with food. 

Mum always gets me thor tau zhang (peanut dumplings) instead, the sticky rice is white because it's not salted with soya sauce and there's a sweet, peanut filling inside instead.

None of my relatives make their own rice dumplings so I was fascinated when Dragon I had a mini display for rice dumplings. Bubs had a naughty glint in his eyes when he spotted the containers full of beans and rice so I'd to steer him away from them.

The durian sago cream dessert at Dragon I is the best thing ever! Hubs complained that the scent of the durian was overwhelmingly strong but I loved every single bit of it. It is so luscious and creamy.

Can you actually see Elmo against the bright red table cloth? Doesn't take much to amuse a toddler ;) 


  1. 8 years is vintage! Fashions move so fast these days!

    Those rice dumplings look delicious!

    SSG xxx

    1. I wonder when satin cargo pants circa 2002 are coming back into style!


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