Friday, June 8, 2012

Cempedak and Tutti Fruitti

It's school holidays in Singapore which means that my nephew, Cempedak, is back in Penang. We've been calling him Cempedak ever since he was a baby because once he wouldn't crying and my Dad got so frustrated, he yelled "stop crying, you little cempedak!" and the name just stuck.

Bubs is slightly in awe of his much older cousin. He follows him around like a second shadow but doesn't dare approach him directly. When he thinks Cempedak isn't watching, Bubs would swiftly play with something that Cempedak has discarded. I found the hero worship to be amusing, LOL.

Hubs and I toyed again with the whole let's-try-being-parents-of-2 by bringing both boys out for frozen yogurt. This time it was much more manageable because Cempedak is 9 while Bubs is now close to 2. I guess the moral of the story is to have a larger age gap? Time will tell ;) It was Cempedak's first time at a frozen yogurt outlet and he went nuts there when he realized you could mix and match any flavour and play with the varieties of toppings!

Tutti Fruitti has the best chocolate frozen yogurt that tastes almost like real chocolate ice cream. You can tell which is my chocoholic choice, complete with Milo balls and a chocolate wafer. Cempedak's choice was such a typical kid's choice! Lychee with lots of colourful gummy bears and chocolate buttons. He was on a sugar buzz after all that candy ... sucks to be my Mum that has to make sure he's in bed at his usual bedtime that night ;)

Bubs was also bouncing off the walls with all the frozen yogurt. He popped on his sunnies that he found after rummaging through my bag, waved his hands and danced through the shop. Only a kid could get away with moves like Mick Jagger at 9pm in a public place :)

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