Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cousin J's Love Bird Wedding

My cousin J had her wedding dinner reception last weekend and it was fun catching up with the rest of my Mum's family, to see how my other cousins are doing and letting them see how grown up Bubs is. It was a beautiful reception with Chinese - Indian elements mixed in.

I wore my Dorothy Perkins feather border dress with gold strappy stilettos and gold dangly earrings. Don't hate me but ........ I bought the 3" stilettos the moment I found out I was expecting Bubs, excited to be pregnant but devastated at the thought of having to give up heels pretty soon, I got these and wore them them non stop for about a month or so before my tummy got too big for me to balance comfortably on them ;)

My cousin J and the groom, K. When it came to Bubs's turn to shake hands with them, he developed a sudden case of stage fright and refused to go up to them. I told him a little white lie and said they'd be giving him Elmo. 

This is my Aunt D (a stunner in her saree) and her 2 little Ts. It was mind boggling when she told me that based on Chinese hierarchy, if she's my aunt, the 2 Ts are my cousins ... so that would make them (at the very tender age of 4 and 2 respectively) Bubs's aunt and uncle! 

How cute are these love birds salt and pepper shakers? I noticed a lot of kids playing with them the whole night.

And the peacock themed cake was beautiful.

The very happy couple. My cousin J's saree was amazing (sorry for the lousy shot), it had the most amazing embroidery and gold, glitzy stuff sewn all over it.

There was plenty of food, music and dances. Now and then, little groups of people would get up from their tables and dance to the music. A family friend sang after giving a speech. 

This is my Baby Brother, I keep calling him that even though he's all grown up now because there's a huge age gap between us and no matter how old he gets, I still see him as a  chubby cheeked toddler running around. Bubs can't get his name right so he calls him "Unken Kin".

And a pic of our little family :)


  1. Me likey your dress, so bright! And your cousins saree is gorgeous too. Just saw the wedding post of hers and even that saree suits her well. A beautiful wedding and reception for sure.

  2. Thanks :D It was so much fun, all the kids were bopping along to the music too, lol


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