Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Weekend Stay Over

We'd a free night's stay at the E&O over the weekend so we checked ourselves in for a lil rest and relaxation. I've always a soft spot for the E&O mainly because of its old world charm.


Checking in was quick with a welcome cocktail and wet towel provided and we'd lunch with my family at Sarkies to celebrate my Dad's birthday. That's Dad in his trademark heavily starched blue shirt (it's so stiff, I swear it could stand on its own), Cempedak and my brother-in-law.

Flashback to the 80s: wearing a scarf print dress. I remember my Mum owning loads of scarf print tops back then; it's now come full circle that I'm a mum and I wear scarf print!

Bubs and I were fascinated with the room key. Bubs loves all keys, jangling them around in his hands, refusing to return them back. I found it cool that the E&O still has room keys instead of card slots.

The room was nicely done - loved the dark wooden floors, intricate rugs and of course, the long bath that we'd many soaks in. 

Mum and my baby brother checking the cupboard for any boogey monsters. Can I tell you again how much I loved all the dark wooden furniture?

 For any staycation, it's practically a must to explore the pool. Especially if it's a salt water pool and offers you the prettiest view of the ocean.

Hubs and Bubs put on their swim gear and made the most of their afternoon splashing around in the pool.

I lounged around, reading a book, snapping pics, but mainly feasted my eyes on the beautiful surroundings, savouring the beautiful sunshine, the warm breeze. This is the life!

Bubs thoroughly enjoyed the novelty of spending the day in somewhere new. He had so much fun exploring the room, clicking the remote control nonstop to change TV channels, flicking the lights (that were his height) on and off and brrrrrommming his little toy 4 wheel drive all over the room. He got to eat in bed, bounce and jump on the bed, soak around in the bath tub, it must have been toddler heaven for him :)


  1. The hotel room is indeed gorgeous!I hope it didnt cost an arm and a leg. Loving your dress, where did you get it from?

  2. It was a complimentary stay because of a membership. I'm going to sound like a broken record here and say Dorothy Perkins for the dress :D


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