Sunday, June 10, 2012

Morganfield's at Gurney Paragon

Morganfield's at Gurney Paragon is its first branch in Penang and offers lots of porky goodness. As with most newly opened restaurants/cafes here, reservations are recommended. We went on a Friday evening and looked longingly at the air-conditioned interior but was told that it was fully booked with seating only available outside.

It was surprisingly fun sitting outside though. The tables and chairs were all rustic and mismatched, giving it a casual feel. We could feel what's left of the sea breeze and with the water fountain rustling  behind the bushy potted hedges, you could close your eyes and imagine that you're seated next to the Mississippi. I might not feel that way if it's pelting rain heavily or a broiling sizzler of a day ;)

Kids dine free with every full paying adult only on weekends and public holidays. I don't quite like restaurants that charge RM1 for water but that's just me.  

Parents of fidgeting children: fear not! You get a kids menu that has puzzles with a colouring pencil that will keep the little ones occupied for a while.

If that doesn't work, Gurney Paragon has a nice, spacious walkway just right next to the restaurant where they can run around. Bubs eyed the water and seemed tempted to go wading in it. I don't blame him, it did look really inviting with the shallow, cool water and round stones inside.

 The lemonade was a nice, fizzy thirst quencher.

We had mixed feelings about the club salad. The pork bacon gave it a lovely flavour but the rest was of it required a lot of dressing.

It is impossible to visit a pork ribs joint and leave without trying pork ribs. We went with a half slab spicy pork ribs and it was a-maaa-ziiiiing! Some parts were just literally falling off the bone and I thought the chilli flakes added the right amount of kick. Hubs on the other hand was gasping for water and said it'd be even nicer if they provided additional sauce at the side for those that like gravy with their ribs.

The chocolate lava cake was the highlight of the night. I'd heard a lot of good reviews about it but was skeptical, how good could this be? I gingerly sank my fork into the soft cake, dip the warm bits into the oozing chocolate sauce and dabbed some vanilla ice cream onto it before taking a bite. WOW! The very rich flavor of the cake went really well with the hot, chocolaty sauce and the coldness of the ice cream. This is something I'd definitely go back again for. Bubs and I were fighting each other for more of the cake.

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