Saturday, June 9, 2012

Daiso Haul

Remember my FCUK stripey dress that I got from Asos? In a bid to prove to Hubs that it's an Investment Piece and not a one hit wonder, I am trying to find different ways to wear it.

I wore it this time as a top with a forest green asymmetrical skirt and magenta stripey heels. I played  mix and match with Bubs with his striped tee.

The beauty world is split into 2 groups: those that adore a bright red lipstick and those that loathe it. I am a passionate fan of red lippie. Remember the MAC Russian Red I got for free? It looks less intimidating and more casual when I used fingers to dab on the colour like a stain instead of using it straight from the stick.

There is something bewitching about Daiso. You walk in, meaning to just have a quick browse, pick up a few items and go "Wow, I didn't know I needed this" and marvel at how the Japanese are practically giving it away for just RM5. Before you know it, you leave the store clutching your bargains, wondering "how on earth did I end up getting all this?" 

Isn't this display full of Japanese Caramel Corn at Daiso enticing? Hubs had to pull me away from it.

I present you all the RM5 marvels of Daiso: vacuum seal bags to store old clothes, a battery-powered lint/pill remover and an iPod/iPhone USB charger. Of all the stuff we got, we were really skeptical of the charger but decided that for just RM5, it was worth a try. We'd to eat our words when we saw the iPod charging with this little beauty!

The vacuum seal bags were put to good use. I sorted out Bubs's old clothes that he'd outgrown. These brought back so many memories. Was he ever really that teeny tiny? The blue, red & white stripey onesie was from Aussie Godma and I thought the crab onesie was sooo cute as I picked it out.

The yellow duckie onesie was Bubs's first home coming outfit. The Grobag swaddle (absolute lifesaver, I'm now a convert!) was our one and only swaddle and each time we'd to wash it, we were terrified so Mum-in-Law made copies of it by just tracing the outline onto cloth and hemmed the edges. Furry Peter Rabbit blankey that was a gift from a colleague in Sydney. Sheep appliqued Dreambag that was put to months of good use after Bubs outgrew the swaddle.

I was a little scared the bag might burst or something when Hubs used the vacuum to compress it. I'd gotten more expensive bags that burst because we overstuffed them so I didn't had high hopes for a RM5 one. To our surprise, the bag did its job without (literally) bursting under pressure. All of Bubs's baby clothes are now kept flatly and neatly.


  1. Great finds!

    I love Daiso and red lipstick!

    SSG xxx

  2. The iphone charge was such a steal, can't believe it actually worked!


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