Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY Water Table & Daddy's Day Lunch

I tried making Bubs a water table after seeing a few DIY posts online, the concept seemed relatively simple, just a container of water set on a low surface and a couple of strainers/ladles/floating toys.

I couldn't find a low, flat container or tray so I got the next best thing: a RM39 inflatable mini pool from Toys R Us and for some extra fun, a RM5 bag of colourful plastic balls from Daiso. It was a breeze to set up by placing it on top of an Ikea kids table out on the balcony and throwing in a handful of ladles and empty containers. The water table was a little too high for Bubs and he kept having to stand on tip toe to reach it. Apart from scooping up the water to pour over the potted plants and fishing out a few balls, he didn't want to play with it.

Which brings me to Plan B. Put the inflatable pool in the shower and let him play in it with all the toys. Now this he had a ball with (pun intended)!

We celebrated Father's Day with my family with a buffet lunch at Cititel. Cempedak and my brother are so addicted to their gadgets. I thought my Mum's dove gray beaded top was fantastic.

I wore my MNG tweed sleeveless tulip dress (fully lined!) that I got for a bargain 50% off. It's still available on the sales racks the last time I saw.

Bubs checking out his reflection at the Cititel lobby and clearly liking what he sees. He does this hilarious pirouette like bouncy dance.

I went a bit overboard at Tesco - currently loving their balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil for a dip with bread. I've also included their flatbread with a wedge of cheese and some dried fruit for the dreaded 3pm week day office munchies.

The recent haze has been awful with our allergies acting up. Hubs and I are sneezing non stop and Bubs has gotten his eczema back again despite us using Moogoo wash religiously on him, daily vacuuming (thanks Hubs!) and special detergent for our washing machine. Hubs begs me to let him apply cortisone cream over the patch of rashes that Bubs scratches so badly that he leaves marks on his skin. I have mixed feelings over steroids for his eczema treatment :( I keep telling him that cortisone cream only masks the symptoms but it's no use unless we can fix the root cause, which we've no idea what it is but I blame the hazy weather and heat wave for it. I've resorted to applying Tesco Finest Tuscan extra virgin oil after his shower to moisturise the skin. It smells so yummy that I'm so tempted to get some bread to mop up the excess oil to eat!

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