Saturday, February 2, 2013

February is Going to be a Month of ...

Birthday pressies for people: Bub's cousin's first birthday, Fairy Godma's and Aussie Godma's too. Well, technically Aussie Godma's birthday isn't until a couple of months later but she'll be in Penang so it'll be an early one for her. Hubs is amazed with how much I've improved my present wrapping skills (self made paper pom poms and all, can't help but brag a little here, tee hee) considering that I used  newspaper to wrap gifts for him last time ;)

I've a confession to make. I'm a bit of a klepto whenever I'm at my Dad's house. I'm the type that will raid his fridge for food to steal, help myself to things like boxes of tissue paper, etc ... heck, I even steal plastic bags from him to carry away my loot ;) Look what I've pinched this time; a potted ket lah (calamansi) tree! Hubs had a hard time carting this one up to our place, it was sooo heavy while Bubs was dancing around and shouting "oranges!"

Peanut candy:  a friend's mum makes these wonderful gems that are dangerously addictive. They've just the right touch of sugar, the peanuts are still fresh and I love how crunchy they are when you bite into them, like little pieces of happiness melting in your mouth. Hubs and I can't stop popping into the kitchen to munch on these. I refuse to let Bubs eat these because I don't want him hooked onto candy (ironic, isn't it - coming from me?) so I scare him off by telling him that these are spicy.


  1. Peanut gems/brittles are moreish. Hard to stop at one.

    1. Tell me about it - at first I thought it'd be too sickly sweet and I wouldn't like it, (un)fortunately, since it's homemade by my friend's mum, it has just the right amount of sugar and sooo addictive!


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