Sunday, February 24, 2013

Full Moon & Moon Sand

Glam Girl celebrated one month of mummy-hood by throwing baby Jacob a full moon celebration. It was a low key dinner at her mum's place where a bunch of colleagues and high school pals showed up. Had so much fun chatting with them, just like old times :)

I'm impressed at how Glam Girl's mum cooked up a storm. Look at all those delectable Nonya styled goodies! The chicken curry was absolutely stellar - rich, creamy and strongly spiced with generous chunks of potato and tender pieces of chicken. Both her mum and I used bread to mop up the remains of the curry, mmmmm ...

Bubs polished off his plate - no complaints from him either :D Glam Girl had a pack of balloons on hand and all kids wanted their own. Kids + getting to pick their choice of balloon colours & size = win-win situation.

The cake with a super cute "Yey we made it!" message probably sums up how every parent feels after their baby has hit the one month milestone. Wish I'd thought of this cake back then!

I was browsing around online and found an very interesting toy - moon sand, it promises to be completely squishable, moldable and doesn't dry out. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a local retailer for this and though the closest is in Singapore, I don't think my Mum would be happy if I asked her to cart back a few kilos of sand in her luggage for me.

In the end, I used a simple DIY recipe here. It's basically 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil - you could half the recipe if you just want a small batch to start out with first.

The original moon sand promised to be completely mess free but I still wasn't taking any chances and popped him into a small inflatable pool on our balcony to contain as much mess as possible. Bubs had so much fun! I gave him a bunch of bowls, spoons and some small toys. He squished, he squashed, he did everything short of eating it :D

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