Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shopping with Aussie Godma & Baby V's 1st Baby

Aussie Godma came back to Penang for Chinese New Year and was jet legged but I dragged her out for some bonding with Bubs and retail therapy. Can you believe that even though she only had a couple of hours sleep literally, she still washed and peeled lychees and cherries and hand fed Bubs in the car? Both his Godmas spoil him royally!

I broke my shopping ban because it was difficult to hold onto your wallet when you're shopping with what I call an "enabler". Somehow when I'm shopping with gal pals, I just end up splurging because girl friends will always tell you that it looks good on you and you should just get it ;) Shopping with Hubs, on the other hand, is an exercise in guilt. "Do you really need another pair of heels?"

Darn right I do!

My shopping loot: Dorothy Perkins bonded lace paneled top in coral. Couldn't resist an orange pair of strappy heels (it also comes in Tiffany blue, sighhhhh ...) and black slips ons (I was dithering over this or mint). The mid heel height is perfect for an entire day in the office or hitting the mall for hours.

It's scary how Aussie Godma and me both have such similar tastes in fashion. We picked up that exact Dorothy Perkins coral top and ended up buying one each. We also bought the same slip ons!

One of the goodies she carted for me from down under. T2 Take Me To Australia boxed set collection of loose leaf tea - Daintree, Melbourne Breakfast and Aussie Breakfast. A not so subtle hint to make a return trip back, huh? ;) The gorgeous mint green and sunshine yellow box with intricate cut outs and a yellow, beaded tassel just makes me smile each time I see it.

It was Baby V's 1st birthday party in the evening so we headed over with Uncle M. Can I tell you that Uncle M makes the best babysitter? I told him to keep an eye on Bubs who was in the playground while I was chatting to people. When I turned around, both Uncle M and Bubs were on the little cubby house together. Why? Uncle M was scared his nephew might fall from it and hurt himself so he tagged along behind just to make sure, LOL.

Loved the party decorations and the beautifully crafted fondant cake. Happy birthday, little V!

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