Monday, February 11, 2013

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Happy Chinese New Year, folks!

We've been snacking on lots of these. Bubs is still trying to decide if he likes mandarins or not which is surprising to me as he usually loves sweet fruits, though we once caught him sneakily sinking his teeth into an entire mandarin, peel and all, and trying to slurp the "soup" (Bubs talk for juice) out.

And also handing out lots of these. 

Have you been eating your body weight in steamboat goodies? Hubs's family loves steamboats and could eat them for all 15 days of Chinese New Year! I devoured all kinds of fresh mushrooms but Hubs is a dumpling kinda guy. Bubs will gulp down bowls full of rice if we top them with tofu and fish for him - we also sneakily shred veggies for the steamboat in his food for him.

This was me on Chinese New Year's eve - I very wisely chose a peplum stretchy top so I could eat a lot and hide my tummy ;)

We headed to my parents' house for reunion lunch.

Reunion dinner was at Hubs's parents' place. Bubs was really stoked to have lunch and dinner at both grandparents' houses and soaked in all the attention from them.

On the first day of CNY, my parents had an open house for relatives. I'm wore the the teal and fuchsia cheongsam that Aussie Godma and I got together online. It was a snug fit - a sign that I should stop grazing on CNY snacks!

All the yummy food - check out the roti jala and chicken curry Mum made. These are always a crowd pleaser and Bubs kept asking for more of them.

Bubs was pleased as punch in his Elmo tee, since it was bright red, I figured it'd be cute for him to wear it. Baby V looked so cute in her cheongsam! The two cousins were so shy around each other though.


  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai! You look lovely in the teal cheongsam.

    1. Thanks & Happy CNY to you too :) Trying to think of more occasions to wear it to!

  2. Hey, hope you had a good CNY! Your cheongsam is absolutely stunning and so is your bod - you gotta share tips on how you keep so slim esp when you live in penang - island of yummy food!

    1. Haha, thanks - no lah, it hides my flabby tummy, which is a result of too much penang char koay teow :D


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