Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashion Friday: CNY Outfits

A quick breakdown of all my CNY outfits that I've been hoarding since last year.

I was umm-ing about the Dorothy Perkins lace pencil dress for the longest time. The last time I tried it on, it was too tight on me but one size larger swamped me. The solution? Luckily it was offered in the petite range so I took 2 sizes up from what I usually wear plus it was on 50% off. How could I possibly say no? ;) It's a deep hunter green in real life but comes up as teal blue in photos. It's all sold out now but this is pretty similar. The lace is so soft though I'm terrified to bits about snagging it.

Grey ruffle sleeve tee and Topshop Leigh jeans in pink. Aussie Godma initially asked me to get her a pair since it was sold out in Sydney. I wasn't too keen on it but after months of staring at it in my wardrobe while it patiently awaited her return, I grew to covet it. I still wasn't keen on the price tag - it seemed a bit too much to pay at full price for coloured jeans which I'm sure will go out of fashion (or has it already gone out?). Again, the shopping gods took pity on me. Topshop had it on sale at 50% off. Yay!

Dorothy Perkins coral bonded lace panelled top and a blue skirt. You'd think that after scoring so many pieces during sales, I could patiently wait for this to be discounted ... nah! I'm enamoured by the bright, fun colour and the bonded lace. It's exactly the same pattern and fabric as the previous Dorothy Perkins dress I've gotten. 

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