Monday, August 6, 2012

Lace & Shorts, Japanese Treats and Hong Kong Mangoes

With the sun peeking out today, I went with black shorts, a sleeveless lace edged tee (yayyy, Gap Kids, fantastic clothes for nearly half the price of the adults tops) and if that wasn't girly enough, tied a ribbon through the belt loops.

There was a Japanese food fair filled with lots of yummy snacks in colourful packaging. What is it about Japanese treats that are so cutesy that you can't help but want to buy them all? I was particularly attracted to the new flavours of Tohato Caramel Corn that I've never seen before: green tea and ice cream but Hubs put his foot down and said we'd more than enough junk food already :(

Daiso has proven to be so popular in Penang that they opened a 2nd branch at Gurney Plaza. It's slightly bigger than their first branch. Is anyone else as obsessed as me about browsing through Daiso? I know I don't need any more unbleached tea filter bags or kids sushi making kits but it's just so fun to see what else the Japanese has come up with for just RM5.

And speaking about new shops, Hui Lau Shan finally opened doors at Gurney Plaza. Hui Lau Shan is incredibly popular in Hong Kong with outlets scattered about, you can't pass by a street without seeing a branch there. Business was brisk and it was crowded since it was the weekend. The service was a little erratic but that's to be expected since it's brand new. Hui Lau Shan prides itself for being the go to place for all mango desserts.

I wanted to try the coconut with birds nest since it was much raved about but it was out of stock so we settled for a sampling of their best loved mango desserts. There was a scoop of their mango ice cream served with fresh mango chunks and fresh coconut, coconut ice cream with mango bits inside and a bowl of glutinous rice balls served in mango syrup with yes, you guessed it, more mango chunks. We also ordered a plate of mango mochi sprinkled with coconut on top.

The verdict? Hubs and I thought it was quite decent and Bubs absolutely loved it as he's a huge fan of anything mango. He couldn't stop eating until all of the bowls were licked clean and kept wanting more!


  1. Yay for GAP kids clothing. You're so luck to be able to fit into it.

    I'm a huge Daiso fan too.

    SSG xxx

    1. Daiso is so addictive, never realised that there were so much stuff I wanted to have until I stepped into it, lol


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