Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's Keeping Bubs Busy

Bubs has been a very lucky boy lately with a whole bunch of new toys to play. Chun got him a 20 car Hot Wheels box set and like the boyish little boy he is, he loves his wheels. It's sooo cute to see him go brooooooom as he pushes them all over. When he gets bored with them, he tries to feed the cars to Dragon or whacks them under the bed. It took Hubs a lot of hard work with the vacuum to get them back out, LOL.

 MIL bought an inflatable boat so he could sit on it in the swimming pool. It's been a hit with him both in and out of the pool - he is fascinated with the little steering wheel on it and pretends he's driving a car/boat on dry land. 

Bubs was interested in playing masak masak (cooking), with putting little stones into bowls, using a spoon to feed them to poor Elmo since Hubs and I refused to even let him put the spoon into our mouths. So we decided that he might fare well with a Play-Doh set. 

We were looking at different sets at Toys R Us. I wanted this kitchen set where you could pretend cook the Play-Doh in a small kitchen stove and oven set but Hubs was saying no more kitchen sets! He insisted on a more "manly" BBQ set instead. I picked out a Cookie Monster alphabet one where you could mould out the dough into alphabet shapes which I figured would be a whole lot easier than finding Montessori sandpaper letters. All together now - kiasu mummy ;)

Aussie Godma also got him a talking Elmo Play-Doh set that voices out loud the colours and plays pop the weasel when you crank the handle.

The result?

Hours of fierce concentration as Bubs sat there, playing with his pretend food creations over and over again.

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