Thursday, October 8, 2015

3 Things

The Big Bad Wolf book sale and a bunch of other recent acquisitions have added a bounce to my step lately. What can I say, retail therapy (especially in air conditioned malls) works wonders during a a gloomy hazy period.

I've started using an eyebrow pencil after I've chanced upon Shu Uemura's Hard Formula 9. Its secret lie in its specially sharpened tip, designed to be like a katana blade, which you've to bring back to counters to get re-sharpened at no extra cost. It doesn't swatch on the skin but miraculously, it shows up on eyebrows very naturally. The only thing I didn't realised initially was that the long, flat tip breaks easily if you applied too much pressure on it. The best way to apply it, even in a rush, is to gently use it in semi-longish quick strokes along the brows.

I've always adored animal flats so I was squealing with happiness when I found this pair - in of all places at Gap Kids - for myself. The sales staff didn't even bat an eye when I tried these black velvet cat ballet flats. The jeweled eyes add the subtlest sparkle and Bubs calls them my "witch's shoes".

I got the Lego City advent calendar for Bubs ... but I'm intending to swipe some of the minifigures for my own collection, hehe. Bubs is madly excited about it and keeps asking "Is it December yet, Mummy?"

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