Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Masak Masak

I get lots of raised eyebrows whenever I mention that Bubs likes to play masak masak (pretend cook). The first objection is usually "But he's a boy!" Errrr ... yes, I think we may have noticed that since the doctor pointed that out to us quite a while ago ;)

Plus I couldn't resist the cute takoyaki stall from Mother Garden. Look at the level of detail it has, from the bottle of mayo to the octopus shaped picks to "eat" the takoyaki with.

To add an education factor for this (yes, kiasu mum mode), we drew out a menu and priced each item for sale. A plain, no frills takoyaki would cost a marble. Additional toppings require more marbles. He has to take down our order and count if the marbles are correct before cooking and serving it up for us.  

Bub's earnest question of "do you want chilli with that, Mummy?"in that sweet, lilting voice of his never fails to make my heart strings melt ... plus somehow makes up for all the mess he leaves around the place.

Because sometimes one of the the best things to do in life is to just masak masak. 

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