Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Happy Jars

I was left with a lot of glass jars after BIL's wedding and wondering what I could use them for. Given my huge sweet tooth, I guess the answer's pretty obvious :)

My manager has been trying to make up to me for all the late work nights spent hunched over the laptop by fueling me with miniature American candies that he got on his previous work trip. My favourite is definitely Reese peanut butter cups, why hellooooo chocolate and peanut butter, there has never been a better contamination ... well, maybe apart from Bubs and bedtime ;) I protested to my manager that my recent blood tests show that I'm getting old and fat, he smiled wryly and said "well, get older and fatter then with these."

The other jar is filled with my other less waistline damaging passion: my collection of Venetian glass sweets. They are so delicate, colourful and yummy to look at. I got them during a family trip years ago and I wish I could have gotten more. Anyone knows where else can I get more of them from?


  1. I have jars filled with good things at work too!

    Ikea have glass jars but not as cute as these. Or perhaps ebay?

    SSG xxx

    1. I love how these are a nice, fat, squarish shape & keeps the dust off stuff ... not that candies around me last a long time enough to collect dust ;)


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