Friday, November 29, 2013

The Xmas Tree

Since we follow a retail Xmas, the tree has been up for a couple of weeks now. Bubs and I made a tag team and hounded Hubs relentlessly until he finally agreed to bring down the tree and set it up for us. Don't you just love how families work together to get things done? ;)

We went through the box of ornaments and Bubs had a ball playing with each one.

I'm still happy I'd the sense to grab a bunch of these gingerbread men ornaments last year when they were on special. Very small kid friendly and so much fun to mess around with.

Hubs draped the fairy lights around the tree and tested them.

And the Xmas tree is up! One thing hasn't changed: if you see those tiny red faux gifts up on the tree, we actually had a whole bunch of them and Bubs had the bright idea that each one might contain real presents in them so he sneakily unwrapped most of them. These two escaped unscathed and I moved them up to the higher branches. The tree is still sparse so we're waiting for Fairy Godma's next visit back to Penang with a box of Ikea ornaments.

Ending this with a footnote ... literally, Bub's style :)  He has just discovered the camera function on my phone.

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