Saturday, November 30, 2013

Meeting Lat

There's something appealing about a Lat comic, the gentle, nudge your ribs kinda laughter and the fact that Malaysians from all walks of life can relate to it. I was so excited when I heard that a dialogue with Lat would be part of the Georgetown Literary Festival and went through Mum's massive Lat comics collection to pick some books to bring there, hoping that he'd autograph them.

My childhood favourites were Kampung Boy, Town Boy and Lots of Lat (one of the oldest I could find in Mum's collection).

An outfit of the day snap before heading to Sekeping Victoria because I'm vain ;)


Meeting the man himself. Lat was so friendly and approachable. The line to get his autograph was moving pretty fast so he was able to spend a few minutes each talking to his fans. He had a razor sharp memory and I was surprised he was able to correctly recall the year the books were published just based on the cover alone.

As with his comics, the audience at Sekeping Victoria was large and varied from all races :)

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