Sunday, November 1, 2015

Where Did October Go To?

October came and zipped past us so fast that I'm still reeling from the fact that it's just a few more minutes before November starts. It's been a pretty intense month with work, family gatherings and Hub's birthday :D

Happy birthday, Hubs! We celebrated with lunch at Rasa Sayang and his birthday cake was a medley of cupcakes and mini desserts pinched from the dessert buffet with Lego figurines on top. I know, wife of the year award for the amount of effort put in, right? LOL

It surprises me that Bubs has been showing so much interest in Roald Dahl books. These were definitely some of the best bargains we've got from the Big Bad Wolf book sale. I've started reading them aloud to Bubs before bedtime, serializing them over a few nights and he's hooked on to them. "Just one more page, pleaseeee," he'd plead when Hubs turns the lights off.

Trick or treat! Japan produces the best and cutest snacks ever. Period.

Bubs and his mate went nuts at Jump Street. It was our first time there and they went nuts over the amount of space they could run around in. At RM27 (peak time) for an hour, the both of them were bouncing all over the place, literally. Their favourite bit? The giant foam pit. "It was like swimming in marshmallows, Mummy,"

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