Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fun Science: Dyed Flowers

This is one of the prettiest science experiments we've done in a while: showing how plants "drink" water from the ground using capillary action.

You'll need:
White flowers
Food dye
Jars of water

Drop food dye into different jars filled with water. The more concentrated the mixture is, the brighter the colours of the flowers will be.

Bubs carefully jotted down his experiment in his journal.

He observed how the flowers slowly started getting coloured the next day.

Day 3 before we called it quits. The white petals showed up light streaks of colour which were more concentrated at the base of the petals. Ours was a bit of a failure because we didn't use put in enough food dye but it was still fascinating for Bubs to observe the changes which didn't photograph too well.

Bubs had fun though and we're thinking of going ahead with the next variations: dyeing celery stems!

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