Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What's in the Bag

This has to be the month of splurges *looks around guiltily* My standard excuse is that someone needs to stimulate the retail economy so it might as well be me ;)

It's our 7th wedding anniversary and although I love fresh flowers, they're a bit of a waste for me so I dropped massive hints to Hubs to get me this instead ...

Tiny white flowers embroidered into a scalloped hem of this floaty, chambray skirt from Forever 21.

Because I aim to have a pair of pointy toed heels in every single colour under the rainbow ;) Low heeled sling backs in a muted shade of gold, this ticks all the boxes on my list.

Look, Hubs, I pointed excitedly at my just past shoulder length hair, it's finally long, I've saved so much on haircuts this year!

Big deal, he shrugs, look at the amount of spending you did on hair accessories.

Opppps ... I think in the process of trying to grow out my bob, I ended up with quite a number of intricately beaded Forever 21 headbands and hair pins.

I've to admit, it's taken me quite some time to realise that shopping for boys can be fun after all. Bubs ended up with some goodies at the newly opened Sports Direct outlet at Udini Square. His eyes popped out when he saw the Spidey hoodie and boxers. There was also the coolest Animal (my favourite Muppet) tee that Bubs didn't really fancy so I just got it a few sizes up for myself instead!

There was also a Star Wars R2D2 shaped cereal bowl giveaway with 2 giant boxes of cereal so you can guess what will be on the breakfast menu for the next few weeks ahead ;) Plus for Lego fans out there, Shell is having a collaboration so you get to purchase a Ferrari themed Lego poly bag for every purchase of Shell fuel above RM40.

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