Monday, April 10, 2017

Lunch Boxes 2

A few months down the road and I think I'm starting to get the hang of these lunch boxes. I learned that the trick is to always offer variety and make sure that nothing leaks, haha! Unfortunately, Bubs isn't the biggest fan of veggies so I've wisely omitted stuff like carrot sticks and the like from his lunch boxes. I console myself with the fact that he eats them, albeit unwillingly, during meal times at home. 

Homemade pancakes with jam. In hindsight, I should have popped open the lid of the jam container before snapping a pic. At home, we usually have pancakes with honey but I've nightmares of Bubs making a sticky mess at school so I swapped them for jam instead.

Yogurt days are an absolute breeze for me, all I do is add in some fruit and fun snacks with it. We ran out of muesli so I used crushed chocolate Weetbix for a yogurt sprinkle.

Bubs picked out this yummy looking scone from a bakery the night before. I added a cheese stick, some strawberries and biscuits.

Store bought cheese pesto ciabatta. I got a mini pack of Japanese Power Rangers biscuits on sale and Bubs was thrilled with them.

Smitten Kitchen has the most luscious and easy to bake desserts and these chocolate yogurt snack cakes were a breeze to make plus Bubs loves them. I bake them in advance and they're easy to freeze.

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