Saturday, May 13, 2017

Of Mini Celebrations and Updates

Happy Mother's Day to all that are celebrating!

Bub's left me at a loss for words with this beautiful pink paper bloom that he made for me. Hubs shouted a dinner at S.Wine Queensbay where the food was great and service was top notch. This was the beer brined pork chop with bacon fried potato cubes.

We all loved the desserts: chocolate orange cake - of course Bubs had to had the fondant Lego minifig and S'mores cookie with a giant dollap of peanut butter wedged in between.

Presents from friends for my birthday.

My dad's friend is an absolute artisan when it comes to bonsais and I loved how he helped arrange the layout of my latest acquisitions. This is my ginseng bonsai, I can't wait for the aerial roots to form.

I'm not sure of its correct name but both the nursery owner and my dad's friend calls this one as a rosita. It has sharp thorns when mature, something I'm not too keen on but it looks amazing when potted with a rock.

Bubs is nuts over badminton lately and begs Hubs to play with him on a near daily basis. If you're looking for kids sized rackets, the factory outlet at Udini Square carries a decent range.

He's also trying out busking part time ;)

And though his spelling leaves much to be desired, Bubs has been on a scribbling craze, doodling on spare bits of paper with little stories and comic strips, which gives me the fuzzies more than any store bought card <3

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