Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Weekend Brunch

It was Aussie Godma's last day in Penang so we spent time going around the popular corners of Penang.

We started off with breakfast at Toh Soon. As expected, it was madness there on a Saturday morning, packed to the brim with crowds hovering about, waiting for people to leave so they could get an empty table.

After scoring a seat, we then had to wait again for our order to be taken, followed by a much longer wait for the food to be ready. It takes ages for the charcoal grilled toasts to get ready simply because all the bread are toasted in a contraption that boils the hot water for the coffee on top and has a little compartment on top of the burning embers of charcoal where the bread is slotted it on a metal wire tray. You get the smoky taste of charcoal but it's a much longer wait.

The toast is then slathered with kaya, butter or both. This is so good, I could eat platefuls of them. Forget your lattes, cappuccinos and fancy drinks, coffee here only comes in two kinds: with or without condensed milk and served either iced or hot but this old school basic is arguably one of the best coffees ever in Penang.

 We took Aussie Godma to see some street art - I love her mint jeans and would totally steal them from her ;)

Followed by an icy treat at Gurney and more last minute shopping at Dorothy Perkins - the both of us are hooked onto this season's clothes!

And a quick lunch at Sukhothai. We tried their miang kham which was nice but the sauce was a little too sweet. By the time we dropped Aussie Godma home, Bubs was fretful, bawling his eyes out and having a little meltdown because he still wanted her to play with him. We'd to cajole him by telling white lies that he'll see her again soon ;)

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