Friday, August 21, 2015

His First Bicycle Ride

Bubs went out of his mind when Siew loaned us the coolest bicycle ever complete with training wheels. His eyes shone and he had the widest grin on his face.

There was only the slightest problem: Bub's legs can't quite reach the bottom of the bicycle and his tiny hands aren't wide enough to fully squeeze the brakes on the handlebars. In a nutshell, he can pedal but he can't stop!

He refused to let this little setback deter him from the ride of his life. He figured by himself that if he were to stop pedaling and just let it glide, sloooooowly ... it would just come to a halt ... and hopefully before he hits a brick wall ;)

He's been pestering us to follow him out on bike rides, even going around the area in circles repeatedly made him so happy. He's so confident about it that we're even thinking of removing the training wheels soon. Another awwww, can't believe my baby's growing up so fast moment.


  1. The Siew you mentioned is it the one we both know of? Don't tell me that's her own bicycle... xD

    1. It's her ;) Belongs to her niece but on loan for now
      and yes, she told me she can balance on it too, lol


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