Thursday, August 27, 2015

To Bee or Not to Bee

Flipping through the archives of this blog, I still can't quite believe that Bubs has grown up so much that from his random crayon scribbles - where he'd just quickly dash a few lines down just so he can rush off to play - to starting off art activity by himself. He had a minor scuffle with his friend at school and was feeling upset about it, I suggested that he make his friend a card and Bubs was really eager about it.

We did the background of the card with watercolours and talked about how adding more water makes the colour more diluted and lighter. I also persuaded him to try vertical brushstrokes for the patch of grass.

He got out his markers and drew in colourful flowers. "The center must be yellow, Mummy" he said as he carefully selected other colours for the petals.

Bubs sketched a bee on scrap paper first - I was surprised he came up with the drawing all by himself - and then carefully re-drew it on the card.

For the wording, we did a few practise tries again on scrap paper. I kept reminding him to keep the letters small and close to each other for words, and then use a finger as spacing to start the next word. When Bubs was happy with his practise letters, I watched with bated breath as he started writing on the card.

Voila! Bub's artwork :) I don't know which of us were more delighted.

Bubs: Look at my card! I did it all by myself
Me: Omigosh, my baby's work of art!
Hubs: Are you sure he wrote the letters all by himself?!


  1. Now I'm curious how will the friends react when they receive this lovely card..

    1. I was tempted to keep it for myself, haha ... no, I was a good girl & reminded him to give it to his friend!

  2. He's all grown up! Love reading what you get up to with Bubs in the reading, writing and exploring departments.

    SSG xxx

    1. I know! Seems like it was just yesterday when he was a squealing newborn.


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