Sunday, August 2, 2015


It has been a mentally and physically draining week: my inbox has been crammed full with issues and I'm still recovering from a nasty cold. It's gotten to the point where I wake up 7.30am even on weekends, my mind already frantic with the list of tasks and I'm unable to get it to shut down for a while.

It was good to just recharge over the weekend and to remind myself to breathe.

Bubs has been on a colouring kick again and he enjoys it even more when we sit down and join him. Don't knock it til you try it, colouring for adults is gaining popularity now ;) If you are interested to take it up, Faber Castells are surprisingly really good, these beat the Colleen colour pencils that were hugely popular back in the 80s.

Beach Street on a quiet Sunday evening without the hustle and bustle of heavy traffic is one of my favourite streets in Penang. Whenever I stroll down there, I get the feeling that the ornate, majestic buildings have witnessed so much and I hope that even after we're long gone, they will still be there, silent but still awe inspiring.

China House is chock a block full of delicious desserts and beautiful, quiet corners alike. Bubs was in love with this place because of the giant roll of paper and crayons provided. I just wished that the smoking section was decently sectioned away from the non smoking side as we could still smell ciggies at our area.

Here's to a better week ahead!


  1. Will you recover faster if you take a few days MC resting at home?

    1. Pai seh, I know I'm very noisy coughing in the office, heheh. At least I got my voice back now :D


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