Wednesday, August 19, 2015


We dropped by Starbucks's newly opened outlet at Batu Feringghi. Located right next to the beach, it offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating will leave you spoiled for choices ranging from deck chairs on a tiny sandy area to an elevated seating area that offers gorgeous views of the ocean.

A mistake we made was to head there right after lunch and it was scorching hot. We stayed put at the indoor area - thank goodness for air conditioning - for a while, armed with toys for Bubs and enjoyed the free wifi. Bubs kept wanting to go out to explore outside so we choose an overcast moment where the sun was covered by clouds to take a quick look outside.

Bubs and my favourite drink :) The fun part is choosing random superhero names for the cups.

"Mummy, look! Parachutes look just like colourful umbrellas!" We were lucky that no one was smoking outside so we hung around here for a while.

There's a small path that connects Starbucks to the beach.We ran around for a while, relishing the feel of the gritty sand that made their way into our shoes and inhaling the fresh, salty tang of the ocean air. I could have kicked myself for not bringing along some beach toys :(

It's a beautiful place and one that I have bookmarked to bring friends to for a nice place to chill but a reminder: never ever go right in the middle of the afternoon unless you want a killer tan. Starbucks Batu Feringghi is right next to the Parkroyal Hotel and provides free parking for customers.

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