Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bub's 5th Birthday

Bubs was half excited and half confused about his 5th birthday last week.

"Mummy, since this year, I'm a 5 year old ge ge (big brother) in school, does that mean that I'm now 6?"

"No, you turn 5 on your birthday."

"But I'm already a 5 year old at school! Teacher said so!"

"Ummm ... look, a fire engine!" ;)

We'd a few mini celebrations this year instead of a big bash this year. Bubs was thrilled with all the attention plus cakes, yes, as in plural, that he enjoyed.

Hubs managed to get his hands on the Halloween Lego minifigs he found at Toys r Us and they made cool cake toppers. For lunch with the in laws, Bubs had a coconut and gula Melaka cake from Mon Delice. This was a really interesting cake with top layers of creamy coconut, a middle layer of fragrant gula Melaka and bottom bits of crushed, somewhat crunchy biscuits. It was immensely filling and a small slice was enough to fill everyone up, including Bubs who is insatiable when it comes to desserts.

Dinner was with my family and I shamelessly recycled the candles from the earlier cake :D This time around, we'd popped on Scooby Doo Lego minifigs on top of a decadently rich chocolate cake also from Mon Delice. Even my Dad who doesn't really fancy chocolate proclaimed it good and requested for another helping. Before anyone could stop him, Bubs sunk his teeth into the white chocolate Happy Birthday sign for the 2nd time that day, someone was definitely on a sugar rush ...

We'd a play date at Golden Sands' Adventure Zone with Jaz. This is the super freaky and did I mention, steep slide that you need to take a slight up stairs up to. Bubs loved it and so did a bunch of other kids there so much that I decided I'd to go see what the fuss was about. I peered down at the edge and it literally took my breath away. Bubs, Siew and the staff convinced me to give it a go and let's just say, being graceful is not one of my strengths. My squeals of terror drowned out the music and Hubs is gleefully keeping the video of me sliding like "like a corpse" (his exact words)

Hubs and I were invited to celebrate Bub's birthday at his school and we didn't really know what to expect. Bubs told us the night before that we'd have to help bake his cake and that he'd requested the teacher for "an orange cake, not chocolate, because I like orange better."

It was such a beautiful experience and I felt truly grateful that we were given a sneak peek into a day at his school. A few children were selected (apparently they take turns to be the "baker") to help bake Bub's cake.

We sifted the flour, cracked eggs and took turns mixing the batter. Since it was raining, the teacher gathered flowers from the garden (usually the children would pick them). The children then set the tables and placed the colourful blooms around the cake serving tray. Bubs decorated his cake with banana slices and dusted icing sugar over it. The cake was sooo good, fresh out of the oven, all warm and buttery.

Hubs and I were invited to watch the children at play. I was so fascinated with their toys that I couldn't stop taking photos. They had pine cones, seashells and rubber seeds in wooden bowls that looked so inviting. There were even cut sections of tree branches that were carefully sanded.

The teacher then delighted Bubs by giving him a hand crafted felt gnome as well as paintings from all of the children bound into a book, featuring Bub's drawing on the cover.

Happy Birthday, Bubs, may you always be surrounded by love and laughter and never know a day without happiness. I know that you're in a rush to grow up and embark on your journey to life but deep within my proud mama's heart, you'll always be my little boy with joyful eyes, windswept hair and laughter of a thousand bubbles.

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