Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lantern Festival

Bub's school celebrated its lantern festival over the weekend and it was so much fun for everyone. Thankfully, most of the awful haze had cleared up because the festival was held in the garden though as usual, everyone applied copious amounts of mossie repellent.  When it started to drizzle, one of the teachers led the children to sing "rain, rain go away" and believe it or not, it actually stopped! The power of visualisation? ;)

The children sang and danced and it was so cute to see all of the little ones performing together. I stifled a giggle when I saw Bubs and his best friend being separated from each other because they were chattering together too much to focus on their performance.

Traditional snacks were served and there was so much thought and effort put into them. The children made the mooncakes, the baked ones had pineapple filling which were yummy and the blue dye for the snowskin variety were from the blue pea flowers that grow in their garden. There was a tray of pomelo and the hollowed out skin was used as a candle holder - pretty and functional! I'd never seen the white, powdery soft round cakes before and they were intensely sweet.

All of the lanterns were lit up and each child found the one that they made earlier in the week. Bubs was so proud of his and explained that they drew the shapes on with a template and the teachers help them to cut it out.

We all went on a walk around the neighbourhood with the light of the lanterns guiding our path through the darkness, accompanied by the sounds of the children singing happily. It was such a beautiful sight and they definitely had so much fun that no one wanted to go back early.

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