Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wake me up when September Ends

September has been the best month of the year so far and I'm grumpy now because it's ending all too fast :( There were 3 public holidays plus Hubs and I took some additional days off work to stretch the weekends even longer for Bub's 5th birthday and his school's lantern festival.

The Big Bad Wolf book sale is back again in Penang for the 2nd time this year, woo hoo! On the very first day, my friends and I went sans kids just so we could focus on books without having to worry about losing little ones in the crowd. It always gets crazy during the first day and if you're not fast enough, you could get stuck queuing up for hours just to make payment.

This was my haul on the first day *sheepish grin* In my defense, the Roald Dahl books were absolute bargains at RM10 and RM8 each. I can't quite be sure but I think it might be even cheaper than the box set at Book Excess that Fairy Godma and I had been eyeing for quite a while. I'm just missing copies of the Witches and Matilda. A friend's niece pointed out these Enid Blyton Adventure Series and I can't believe that I'd not read them before as a child so I was very excited about getting these, also RM10 each. The Archie comics were also good steals; Bubs still can't believe that they have been around since Grandpa was young and we all grew up reading them.

Bubs was upset that he didn't get to go so again, during the very next day *shopaholic alert*, Hubs and I brought him there.

He was so enamoured with the trolley that he tugged behind him and even begged Hubs to let him sit inside it like a wagon, LOL. Again our misgivings, we bought him the Mummies fact book that Bubs begged for. When he asked me to read it out aloud, there were SO many gruesome bits (ritual human sacrifices, detailed organ removals, etc) that I'd to censor. If that book didn't give him nightmares, it sure as heck gave ME nightmares *shudders*

We took a trip to Balik Pulau for the best laksa ever and spotted this intriguing street art. We may not have Banksy but we're not lacking in talented street artists here.

The roti canai stall at Transfer Road is somewhat of an institution in Penang. I had my first taste more than a decade ago with a bunch of college friends and since then, everyone that I've brought there has been hooked on it. It's a bit of dicing with danger; makeshift tablets are set up right next to the roadside - eating with buses roaring past you makes you appreciate life more - and you tend to close an eye towards the hygiene levels. All of these just melt away when you take a bite of that incredibly crispy, maybe a bit charred, roti dipped into a dish of spicy kuah daging. Perfection has never tasted better ...


Watching Bubs getting more creative with his play. He combined different sets from a garage, Ikea wooden trains and Jenga to form a massive traffic jam, of all things!

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