Monday, March 5, 2012

The Sakae iPad and Perfect Cold Noodles

Sakae Sushi at Queensbay went all high tech and had new fangled iPads installed at every table. Instead of using their old touch screen displays (which was a novelty when they first opened in Penang), you now order your food using the iPad. Bubs of course had fun scrolling through the menu. I kept a watchful eye on the iPad to make sure he didn't order anything, like 101 party sets of sashimi.

Hubs and I have been going to Aji Noren, Prima Tanjung when we first started starting and have been going there periodically as they serve really decent Japanese home cooked food at reasonable prices. It's quite a romantic place: dimly lit with soft Emi Fujita music. Not to mention they make the best zaru udon (cold noodles) ever. Cold Noodles might sound really easy to prepare but lots of other Japanese restaurants that we've been to just can't seem to get this right, the noodles are either too soggy or the dipping sauce isn't chilled enough.

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