Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby V's Full Moon

Remember Baby V? Time certainly flies. It seems like just a moment ago I was fighting with my cousin over her toys and now, she's a mama with a one month old baby!

The proud parents had a mua guek (full moon celebration, no werewolves allowed) complete with yummy catered food to introduce everyone to Baby V. I love polka dots at the moment so I frocked up in this swiss dotted mini dress with a floral border.

The beaming mama and her baby. Can I tell you how amazingly well behaved Baby V is? She's all grins and happy little coos and fell asleep promptly after being rocked a few times. I'm so jealous!

Bubs sneaking a peek at the blissfully sleeping Baby V. He's fascinated by babies but still gets upset if I pay attention to any baby that isn't him. I asked K, her daddy, about the necklace she's wearing. He said it's part of Indian beliefs that it'd ward off the evil eye since so many people are bound to compliment babies. I forgot to ask about the tiny bangles that she's wearing on both arms though. Anyone knows why Indian babies usually wear those little bangles?

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