Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fridays at Friday's

The best part of the whole week is a nice, lazy Friday evening, when you know you won't have to step in the office for another 2 glorious days. What better way to spend your Friday than at ...

TGI Fridays! Since we've Bubs, we try to eat at places that do a decent kid's menu. No more char koay teow or assam laksa at hawker centres unless we bring along home cooked food for him.

It's funny how we live in a tropical country where the temperatures are forever humid all year long and I only own a couple pairs of dressy shorts.I don't like wearing all black so added a bright blue cardi for a pop of colour.

Bubs pretending he's holding a pitchfork and trying to menace people with it. His tee is from his Australian Godma who again, spoils him rotten.

No idea what this is since Hubs ordered it, some kind of sunshine thingy? This was really good but don't bother trying to eat the pineapple after that. Hubs and Bubs both gnawed on it and it was hard!

Left to right: Kids Marinara Spaghetti (children under 12 eat for free at Fridays, yippee!), Osso Buco (lamb shank) and Cobb Salad. The spaghetti is sooo yummy and the portion is pretty generous for a free kids meal that we'd have no hesitations ordering this for ourselves, LOL.

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