Saturday, March 24, 2012

Little Luxuries at Work

To call it a hectic work week would be an understatement! At times when I get so burnt out and tired, there are little luxuries that calm my frazzled nerves down.

A new Dorothy Perkins printed top. Again can I tell you how much I adore their prints at the moment? I love the splash of goldfish swimming on it. Plus Bubs pointed at it and said excitedly "fwissh" (fish). Paired with yet another black skirt and my new gold sandals that are sooo comfy.

One of the best things to do in bed is to curl up with a beauty or fashion magazine. My favourites are British and Australian ones but they are so expensive here so it's a luxury I seldom indulge in. One of the silver linings of this week was that my ex director from Sydney was visiting Penang and got me a copy of Madison, yay! It's a long standing joke between us. A few years ago, his wife and him actually appeared in a copy of it and I joked with him about it. He was surprised that I saw him in it and when I told him it's one of my favourite mags, he's been getting it for me each time he visits Penang.

What do you do to unwind over a long work week?

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