Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Classic Sweet Treats

As kids of the 70s and 80s, we didn’t have macaroons, fondant topped cupcakes or cake pops. Desserts back then (I sound so old typing this out) were usually seen only at parties or rare treats from the bakery and were of the straight forward variety: jam tarts, layer cakes or maybe even a jam roll. One of my favourite treats are cream puffs! How many of you guys remember them? I’m talking about the old school style: clouds of choux pastry filled with luscious, yellow custard that ooze out when you sink your teeth into them.

 The best cream puffs in Penang can be found at Continental Bakery, Nagore Road which makes a range of retro treats (egg tarts, apple pies, kaya) and breads. The moment you open the door, the pleasant, homey scent of freshly baked goods waft out and I swear, this relaxes and cheers me up better than any scented candle.

I can never resist getting a few of these cream puffs each time I’m around that area and they are so laku (popular), you often have to go there early to beat the crowd as these are their best sellers and get sold out in no time at all.  Just one bite of these creamy custard-y delights will have you  making repeated trip back for more.

So what are your favourite old school desserts?

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