Thursday, March 8, 2012

Retail Therapy

My shopping cycles go up and down in spurts. When I feel guilty after spending too much, I try to Go on a Budget, i.e. window shopping - seeing, touching, feeling the nice soft fabric, being sadistic by trying it on and then biting my lip, stroking it sorrowfully and walking out from the store determinedly. Sad to say, this level of determination doesn't last long and before I know it, I'm breaking my shopping ban.

I hop on trends far too late. When I first saw midi pleated skirts, they reminded me of something Mum would wear back in the 80s and I scoffed at them. Then I spotted this Whistles Carrie skirt in pink and I was smitten. I wanted one so badly but wasn't willing to spend £100 on it (in case you are, is carrying it). I was scouting around in stores, checking Ebay, Etsy, Asos until I went into Gap and spotted this:

Yes, I know, I've been shopping for myself in the Gap Kids section again but at least I found a pretty pleated skirt! It's a bright coral pink with accordion pleats, it's actually a little loose and I wanted to size down but it was the last one in this colour, the rest were all canary yellow.

 Apart from white, I was trying to figure out what else would go with it. I paired it with a pale pink top that I loved because of the rosette sleeves.

Back in the days when J.Lo was known as Jenny from the Block, I used to wear huge, dangly chandelier earrings; the more ornate, the better I loved 'em. These are probably the shortest and simplest ones which I've kept from my collection, I gave most of them up after my ear lobs started to hurt.

I usually wear studs now and was hunting for small ones with the perfect amount of bling in them. These Forever 21 ones were perfect, not to mention as cheap as chips (about RM9 - RM15 per pair). The pine cone was from the tree my parents had in their old house.

Cotton On Kids had a range of kids polo tees and were offering a 2 for RM60 promotion so I got Preppy Pink and Persian Blue (even the names of the colours sounded cute) for Bubs. When I got to the cashier, she said 1 of the tees were cheaper so they ended up being 2 for RM50 instead. Bargain!

And now back to my regular Shopping Ban ...


  1. The skirt is the cutest!! And I see a very good shopper here, 2 cotton on polo tees for RM50? Can you say a steaaal! How come I can never find such bargains there??

  2. I love how bright the colour of the skirt is! The price on the tag for the Cotton On polo tee is such a rip off, it says RM44 and there was a 2 for RM60 sign there. When the cashier told me it's only RM50, I was like score!


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