Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Women's Day

This beautiful piece came from Bub's Fairy Godmum:

We pray that violence against women will stop so that our compassion and “forgiveful” nature will not be taken advantage of,
We pray for some men to able to control themselves so that we are free to dress to celebrate our curvy God–given body as we wish and as appropriately,
We pray for the choice to breast feed and spend valuable time with our babies without having to worry about losing our jobs while we do our duty to humankind,
We pray for our nature of being able to relate emotionally to be used to foster understanding among people rather than being made into a disadvantage,
We pray that we will have an equal voice in matters that relates to us rather than just being dictated to,
We say a prayer of gratefulness for some of the men who has chosen to give us their true love and protection, without trying to change us to their will,
Above all, I guess, we pray for our children to be able to grow in a loving environment where women are being allowed to flourish and are respected equally and boys and men are taught to love women as whole beings, completely, fairly and rightfully.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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