Friday, March 16, 2012

A Japanese Pre-Dinner and my Best Friend's Wedding

Chearrie is one of my high school besties. How we met is really embarrassing. It was the first week of high school and the very first class of Home Skills. We'd to take apart and then put together back a 3 pin plug. If you know me in real life, you'd know that hand eye coordination is not my biggest skill. I was struggling to get all the wires into place and before I knew it, the class bell rang, everyone left the workshop and I was still nowhere near to getting the stupid plug fixed. I burst into tears *blushes*

The teacher was alarmed (and quite possibly worried about my emotional stability, who on earth would cry in a Home Skills shop!) and asked Chearrie to help me. I couldn't stop thanking her as at that point in time, I was prepared to be grateful to anyone who could fix it. Since then, we've been high school BFFs.

So fast forward to this week. She was having her wedding reception at Cititel and I couldn't be any happier than for her. Most Chinese wedding dinners start way past 8pm and as Bubs usually have dinner around 7pm, we decided to pop into Kirishima, the Japanese restaurant for a quick pre-dinner so he wouldn't be hungry by the time the wedding dinner actually started.

The service is excellent and they went out of their way to keep Bubs entertained. The only thing I didn't was that the non smoking area was just right next to the smoking area and there are always people lighting up so the smell of cigarettes were quite strong. Food is a little on the pricey side but I really love the unagi don there. 

Hubs and Bubs wore shirts. The lighting is totally off but each time Hubs wears this shirt to the office, he gets called Barney so you can guess what shade it is *grins*

I matched Hubs by wearing this purple dress. 

 The gorgeous and radiant bride. I love how sweet her gown is!

The happy couple.

Hubs helping Bubs sign the guest book.

The dinner started around 8.30pm and we prepared snacks for Bubs in a bowl so he could feed himself while we could eat in peace, win win situation. Unfortunately he started getting cranky and grumpy around 9pm (his usual bedtime) so we'd to leave early :( 

To Chearrie and hubby, congrats, you two make a lovely couple!

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