Monday, March 26, 2012

Glam Girl's Birthday at the E&O

Glam Girl and I celebrated her birthday early this year at the E&O again. I've known her since high school and we took the same classes during uni. I absolutely love her style, she's such a girly girl with a dazzling smile and has the nicest mermaid like curls that tumble down her back. It's a long (pun intended) standing joke between the both of us that her hair length since the day we left high school is always long, long, long and mine is forever in a bob.

Glam Girl rocks a leopard print mini, chilli red bag and strappy stilettos.

It was such a hot day so I skipped my usual weekend uniform of jeans and opted for a skirt with flats.

Sarkies was packed that afternoon during lunch.Service was prompt and friendly but they didn't really bother refilling much of the food when it was finished. At the chocolate fountain, the fruit skewers disappeared really fast and they only brought out limited refills when we asked them. Didn't manage any food photos as we were too busy chatting.

Another shot of Glam Girl and me. She is so tall that I always feel like a midget next to her!

We found a little entrance to a widow's walk at the car park where you can get a good view of the E&O and the ocean.

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