Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Decade Old White Shirt

If I dig deep into my wardrobe, I'll find a handful of treasures that are around a decade old or even older that are still in good condition and I absolutely adore to bits.

This slim fit boyfriend white shirt was one of the first few shirts I got way before boyfriend shirts were even cool and has been much loved. My workplace dress code is business casual but most of the time, people dress down so I'd forgotten about this shirt until recently.

It's a looser fit and made from white, sheerer cotton so it looks quite casual when worn together with faded blue jeans. I also like how it has tiny little pleats down the front which makes it look like a tuxedo shirt.

 Paired it with these silver and turquoise Forever 21 earrings.

It also comes with a matching white cotton sash with belt loops so you could knot it at the side for a tighter fit.

So what are your favourite items in your wardrobe that you've had for ages?

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