Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bits and Pieces of the Week

How did you spend the weekend?

We checked out the CNY decorations at G Hotel. Bubs was more interested in running up the wooden ramps there.

Bubs had a play date with Little H. She's an absolute doll, her stylish mum always dresses her up in the sweetest frocks. Bubs is learning manners. Sometimes he'd remember and pass her mandarins. Other times, when she tried to pry it out from his grasp, he went beserk and would scream and cry, refusing to give it to her. Looks like we've a long way to go with teaching him that sharing is caring. Any ideas on how to do that?

The weather was irritably hot so we did what most Penangites would do, drive to Anba Coconut at Abu Siti Lane (which has been operating there for decades) to have a whole fresh coconut. Part of the attraction there is how the guy welds his machete and swiftly whacks open the top of the coconut with a neat flourish. After you finish your coconut water, you can hand it back to him, again he raises his machete and hey presto, carves for you a spoon from the husk for you to scoop out the chunks of delicious coconut meat.

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