Saturday, January 14, 2012

A stroll and a lunch

Mention beef noodles in Penang and most people's reaction would be "the one opposite the fire station". Before Sukhothai opened, this was my favourite place ever for lunch. You'd usually have to park quite far because Beach Street is often jam packed with vehicles double parking everywhere, especially during lunchtime.

Before reaching, you'd usually pass the Yeoh Kongsi, a Hokkien clan association with the clan temple building dating back to the 1840s. There usually aren't many people around and it's very quiet. Love the bright pink flowering shrubs dotting the red bricked lined grounds.

The walls outside have interesting green Chinese style motifs that allow you to peek through if the gates are closed. 

On to more pressing matters: a delightful lunch of piping hot beef noodles soup in clear, strong broth, crispy oyster omelet and a mug of the coldest nutmeg juice topped with a single sour plum that gives it its sourish kick. People, I'm telling you that oyster omelet is the BEST ever, perfect contrasts of textures. The first bite is crispy, even crunchy with its slightly charred edges of egg, then you sink your teeth into the gooey starch that is near silky soft and then you hit gold - the plump, juicy oysters within. It's even better then you dip it into the sweet, slightly spicy chilli sauce provided.

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