Friday, January 27, 2012

Good Ol' Books


My parents have just moved houses and unearthed some really old books. I was happy to find some of the Enid Blyton hardcovers I've had as a kid though I think they belonged to some older cousin as the publishing year inside was before my year of birth. I remember sitting there and colouring in the black and white illustrations with felt tip pens when I was little.

I also found this old Dr. Benjamin Spock book and after reading the inscription inside, realised that it was a gift to Mum from her cousin a month before I was born. There's a little smile on my face when I'm holding the same book now as a mummy myself and envisioning Mum reading it back when she was pregnant with me. I couldn't resist reading it to see how different childcare books were last time. There were sections on how to make your own formula milk (with evaporated milk and sugar!) and even back then, Dr. Spock recognised the importance of baby wearing and breastfeeding which are only starting to gain popularity back again.

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