Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On the 1st Day of Chinese New Year

My true love gave to me ...

A surprise as Bubs grabbed my clutch, hung it around his neck and ran off with it. He loves a good accessory like his mummy.

Bubs and I matched each other in blue. My dress's shade of blue reminds me a little of a schoolgirl's pinafore. Those are my gold diamante flats that I have lived in since Bubs was born and they go with nearly everything I own.

My parents did their usual buffet lunch and invited all the relatives over. I don't know how Mum managed this amazing array of food whilst recuperating from kidney stones.

There were sparklers after dinner at Hubs' parents' place. Bubs looked both fascinated and confused with the little bursts of sparks and flames.

Family. food and fun, what better combination is there? Hope you're all enjoying the festive season.

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