Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nice Lil Breakfast

To celebrate the end of 2011, yesterday we went to our favourite coffee haunts: Toh Soon at Campbell Street. That place serves one of the best strong iced coffees I've ever had.

The highlight is always the charcoal toasted bread with a heavy daub of kaya. I insist on nothing but kaya on my toast but Hubs prefers it yin yong - a sandwich with one side of butter, the other with kaya. I made Hubs share a buttered toast soldier with Bubs so he'd leave my kaya toast alone, he's already hyper enough without any additional sugar in him. Bubs was contented sitting on the little stool holding onto his bread with his chubby little fist, kicking the sides with his shoeless feet and eyeing our iced coffees hopefully.

How did you celebrate the long weekend?

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