Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve

It's the last weekend of 2011 and much of the year has passed in a whirlwind of memories. This whole year was about learning, not just for Bubs but also for the both of us as parents. It's been a year chockfull of milestones, emotions and memories for our little family, from  feeding him his very first spoonful of solids (avocado), hearing his first word (Dada), watching him toddle about uncertainly on his chubby little legs.

Watching Bubs grow from a newborn to an active and cheeky toddler has been so rewarding that I don't regret putting my career on the back burner at all. In the middle of the year, I made a job change that meant a slow and long climb up the corporate ladder, but it also translated into a more flexible working arrangement and more time with Bubs.

I've to admit it has been really frustrating but at the same time, it has made me grow. I learn alongside with Bubs. That sometimes you need to fall down so you can pick yourself up. That after you cry in frustration, you move on and find the solution to your problem. And love shows itself in a multitude of ways. Hubs and I no longer buy each other expensive presents, we've cut down the number of "couple celebrations" that we have (try celebrating the anniversary of your first date together with a toddler demanding to be entertained 24x7).

Our ways of showing how much we love each other now is more subtle: soothing Bubs in the middle of the night so the other one gets much needed sleep, washing the dishes and hanging the clothes so the other gets a break, taking Bubs down for a walk so the other gets some me time, sponging a highly fevered brow when the person you love is ill in bed and can't move a muscle, biting back an angry retort and knowing when to back down in the heat of an argument so everyone gets to cool down.

Here's to an even more amazing 2012!

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